Nearvision CK

Honolulu Nearvision CK Hawaii CK OahuConductive Keratoplasty, or “CK”, is a procedure designed to reduce dependency on reading glasses. Patients who may benefit from this procedure are 45 years or older, have essentially clear distance vision without glasses, and wish to become less dependent on near glasses.

The procedure uses low energy radio waves to reshape the cornea. CK is extremely non-invasive, involving no lasers, no cutting or removal of tissue, and no manipulation of the critical central cornea. On the day of the procedure, numbing drops are placed so the eye is comfortable. The surgeon takes five to ten minutes to place radio wave treatments in a specific pattern on the cornea. Typically a treatment only need be administered to one eye. The healing time is extremely fast, and the patient has clear near vision, without glasses, the next day.

Conductive KeratoplastyThe goal of CK is “functional daily vision”. Approximately 20% of patients can do without reading glasses entirely. However, the expectation following CK is reduced “on and off” with reading glasses throughout daily activities. For example, patients can expect to see their wrist watch face, a restaurant menu, cell phone, or car dash board without reading glasses.

Some patients who have CK will need a “touch up”, or additional treatments, a few years after the primary treatment in order to maintain functional daily near vision. This is because the lens inside the eye continues to lose focusing power with age.

CK is an effective and painless treatment to reduce the need for near vision glasses, with an exceptional safety profile. In the right candidate, CK provides a remarkable improvement in quality of life, by freeing patients from repeatedly reaching for reading glasses.