ORA System Cataract Surgery

ORA System (Optiwave Refractive Analysis)

Sugiki • Portis • Yim Eye Center is pleased to announce our newest addition to cataract surgery technology. We now offer the Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) system which is the newest technology in eye lens surgery. The ORA system provides a measurement tool which helps to further customize your vision during cataract surgery. Like other systems, the ORA provides a real-time analysis of the eye during surgery; however, unlike other technologies, the ORA is able to verify the proper intraocular lens (IOL) needed post-surgery. The ORA system uses a wavefront technology to analyze possible imperfections of light passage through the eye to the retina; with this help, our surgeons can determine if the eye is in focus at the time of surgery. If the eye is out of focus, the ORA System assists our surgeons in focusing the eye while determining which IOL may work best. By determining your vision needs before and during surgery, your surgeon has the ability to determine the most beneficial IOL needed in order to replace your clouded lens.

With the use of ORA during your cataract surgery, you can feel comfortable and assured that the procedure and optimized analysis will create optimal outcomes for your vision needs. For individuals with astigmatism, cataracts, and those who have had LASIK, the ORA System will provide ideal accuracy in correcting vision impairments and overall reducing the need for glasses after surgery.

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