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What to Expect During Your Diabetic Eye Exam

Diabetes can affect several aspects of your health. One considerable aspect of your health that needs monitoring when you have diabetes is your eyes.  There are several diabetic eye diseases and eye conditions that you’re at an increased risk of developing if you have diabetes. Many people with diabetes end up losing their vision, but… Read More

What Happens During the LASIK Procedure?

Do you wear glasses and contact lenses? Does it feel like your visual aids may be holding you back from a better way of life? Most people with refractive errors like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism and need to wear glasses or contact lenses have heard of LASIK. LASIK is by far the most popular vision… Read More

What is Tonometry?

Scheduling eye exams regularly is an integral part of keeping your eyes healthy. A comprehensive eye exam does much more than update your prescription.  It also checks your eyes for any signs of eye conditions. Eye conditions are especially prevalent in adults over 40, as the most common eye conditions are age-related.  One of the… Read More

What is Latisse and How Do You Use It?

Do you hate mascara? Do you wish you could roll out of bed already looking good? With cosmetic treatments like Latisse, you can put down the mascara and embrace your inner beauty! Latisse is a cosmetic treatment prescribed to patients looking to achieve the appearance of fuller, darker lashes.  It’s also the first treatment that’s… Read More

What Types of Contact Lenses are Available?

If you have a refractive error and rely on glasses to see, you may have considered getting contact lenses. There are many different contact lenses, although soft contact lenses are recommended to most people with healthy eyes.  But there are different types of contact lenses for individuals who may need more vision correction than soft… Read More

Will Botox Make Me Appear More Youthful?

Botox is a highly accessible and minimally invasive cosmetic treatment. It requires no surgery and no downtime.  Most people who have fine facial lines make great candidates for Botox. Botox injections can minimize and even eliminate these lines, rejuvenating your appearance.  But Botox doesn’t just make you look more youthful. It can subtly enhance your… Read More

Who Can Get Contact Lenses?

A significant number of people who have a refractive error don’t only rely on glasses to see. Many people wear contact lenses occasionally or regularly as an alternative to glasses.  Contact lenses can be challenging to adjust to, but after getting used to them, many find that they’re more convenient and comfortable than glasses. However,… Read More

5 Signs that Contact Lenses Are Causing Your Dry Eyes

Do your eyes often feel irritated when you wear contact lenses? Do they sometimes feel dry even after you take your contact lenses out? If so, you may have contact lens-induced dry eye. Contact lenses can dry your eyes out because they inhibit oxygen from reaching your cornea, and they also absorb tears from the… Read More

Does Latisse Work on Everyone?

If you long for thick, full eyelashes, Latisse may be your answer! Latisse is an eyelash treatment for thin or short eyelashes that, when used regularly, makes them grow thicker, fuller, and longer.  Latisse is great for almost anyone looking for an alternative to using mascara and fake eyelashes to achieve the look they want…. Read More

What are My Laser Vision Correction Options?

Are you tired of relying on glasses and contact lenses to see every day? If you have a refractive error like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you likely need glasses or contacts in order to see clearly. Visual aids like contact lenses and glasses aren’t perfect and can often get in the way. Laser vision correction… Read More

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