5 Ways LASIK Makes Honolulu Even Better

When you live in a place that’s literally paradise like Honolulu, it can seem impossible to make it better. There’s sun, fun, beaches, and that gorgeous ocean!

But here’s a thought. You could have your best summer yet after you get LASIK. Keep reading to learn 5 ways LASIK makes Honolulu even better!

Man surfing on wave.

1. Surfing is more fun without glasses or contacts holding you back

Surf’s up! Well, it was until you thought about how you were going to see while surfing. If you wear glasses, this is a dangerous idea.

We imagine those frames aren’t exactly cheap, and surfing is all about moving! You’re paddling towards that perfect wave and in the moment, but…there go your glasses! Watch as they float away and ruin your day.

Okay, but what if you wear contacts while you’re surfing? Sorry, that’s not much better either.

Contact lenses seem like they would be great for physical activities, but they aren’t. Let’s not forget that the great blue ocean is salty!

And saltwater isn’t conducive for contact lenses. If you get salt in your eyes while wearing contacts, you’re looking at a world of pain. More than that though, you could end up losing your contact or irritating your eyes.

So this is where LASIK comes into play. After a quick recovery period, you can go back to your favorite activities.

If you want to enjoy every second of your summer, you should get LASIK sooner rather than later. It’s recommended that you avoid all bodies of water (including the ocean) for a month after LASIK.

But hey, while recovering, there’s nothing that says you can’t sunbathe at Ehukai Beach Park!

2. Hike Ka’au Crater and see every detail

Hike Ka'au Crater

Do you want to know what’s more beautiful when you can see every single detail in beautiful color? A waterfall.

And where else are you going to experience the best in Honolulu and Oahu than Ka’au Crater? This is a hiking trail that’s going to push you and make you come out stronger on the other side.

Oh, and you are rewarded with those stunning waterfalls! Now, if you’re an experienced hiker, you’ll know that having the right gear can make a big difference.

You need enough water, sturdy shoes, plus snacks to make sure you have enough energy. The last thing you want to deal with is pushing your glasses up your nose every time they slip!

But it’s an unfortunate reality if you’re an active person that wears glasses. Now, imagine what your next hiking trip could be like if you get LASIK.

Some patients who have had LASIK liken it to seeing life in high definition. Sure, when you wear glasses you see, but after LASIK, you’re really seeing.

3. LASIK can save you money (seriously)

When you live in a place like Honolulu, it’s hard to not think about money. And when you wear glasses and contacts, you’re not exactly saving money.

On average, did you know that people who wear glasses or contacts spend at least $500 a year on them? If you wear dailies, you’re probably spending more since you need enough to replace them every day.

Which is fine and dandy when it comes to keeping your eyes from getting dry, but it’s not nice for your wallet. If you want to enjoy everything that Honolulu has to offer (and we know you do) then something has to give.

If you’re a good candidate, LASIK can be something that saves you money over time. Not sure if you can afford the up-front costs? Don’t worry! Sugiki * Portis Eye Center in Honolulu offers LASIK financing options as well!

4. Book a Staycation at the Sheraton Waikiki

Picture of swimming pool at Sheraton Waikiki

Feeling stressed? Take a page out of the tourist’s guidebook to Honolulu and book a room at the Sheraton Waikiki.

Why, you may ask? Well, let’s talk about the Infinity Edge pool and the tranquility that awaits you. Not to mention, this is the place to be seen in Honolulu.

Whether you’re reserving a cabana or frolicking in the infinity pool, it’s hard to be stressed out here. Take your relaxation up a notch by enjoying one of the Sheraton’s acclaimed cocktails. Why not, when you’re on vacation? Or staycation!

But what about your eyes? Frolicking outside on a warm summer day in Honolulu can get tiring. We wouldn’t blame you if you curled up and slept right next to the pool!

For people wearing contact lenses during warm weather, it’s a struggle. It’s pretty likely that you’ll fall asleep and take a short nap.

That short nap is going to be your downfall if you have contacts in. Sleeping in contacts is the biggest don’t in the book when it comes to eye care! If you sleep in your contacts, you’re looking at irritation, redness, and discomfort.

It’s not fair when all you want to do is take a siesta in the middle of the day without worrying about your contacts. LASIK solves this dilemma.

Fall asleep inside or outside without worries. No more glasses to worry about breaking or contacts to take out.

You can even fall asleep while reading in the sun if you choose! One word of advice though: put on some sunscreen to avoid a bad sunburn. Your skin will thank us later!

5. Make your next allergy season more bearable

No matter where you live, allergy season is going to happen. If you’re an allergy sufferer, it can be hard to enjoy the beauty of Honolulu that’s all around you.

Your eyes are bloodshot, irritated, watery, and generally uncomfortable. If you wear glasses, you have a shield to protect you from the pollen-sort of. But with contacts, you’re probably the most miserable.

Wearing contacts during allergy season is the worst! Putting in contacts is all about touching your eyes when you put them in and take them out.

The problem is touching your eyes during allergy season makes them more irritated. So you could avoid wearing contacts during allergy season or suffer through it.

Or you could get LASIK. Hey, there’s a thought! After LASIK, you can reduce your allergy symptoms since you won’t need to touch your eyes to put in contacts. That’s a win all around.

Ready to find out if you could be a LASIK candidate? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Sugiki * Portis Eye Care in Honolulu, HI today! Get ready: you’re opening the door to your best summer ever!

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