7 Ways To Know If Botox Could Be Right For You

Every time you look in the mirror, it seems like a new line or wrinkle has joined the ones that were there before it. Your forehead makes you look like you’re permanently upset even though you know you’re not.

Sound familiar? These are some of the many things that happen because of aging. But you don’t have to like it.

In fact, there are things that you can do about it. If you’ve ever wondered about Botox and if it could be something you should explore, wonder no more.

Keep reading for 7 ways to know if Botox could be right for you!

1. You have frustrating smile lines that are only getting worse

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Who knew that smiling, laughing, and being happy could cause such awful looking lines on your face? Makes you wonder if the good times were worth it.

Since there’s no way to turn back the clock (not yet, anyway), the next best option is Botox. With Botox, your smile lines can be frozen into submission for four to six months.

These smile lines are also known as crow’s feet, and they are most noticeable when you work the muscles around your eyes. Because Botox is a neurotoxin, it temporarily relaxes these muscles that make your unsightly crow’s feet appear.

2. You’re young enough that wrinkles haven’t formed yet

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In medicine, it’s all about preventative care. Well, this is the same kind of thing.

You may be a little surprised to learn that you can actually get Botox in your early twenties before you have any visible wrinkles to relax. The key?

You want to get Botox to prevent wrinkles from forming. Combine your Botox regimen (get 2-3 treatments per year) with a good skincare routine, sunscreen, eating healthy, and drinking plenty of water.

You’ll absolutely see a difference in your thirties and forties! If you stick to this regimen, you can prevent most wrinkles from getting worse and prevent new ones from forming.

3. You’ve done your research before getting Botox

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You absolutely want to do some research before you have Botox injected for the first time. This should include finding a provider whose look you like.

Make sure you check out before and afters, either on their website or on their Instagram. You don’t want patients that look like they are frozen in time.

They should look natural and youthful. A good Botox treatment is not about a frozen forehead or having no lines on your face at all.

It is however, about balance and making your face look rejuvenated. If the doctor you choose doesn’t suit you, you can always find someone else.

Once you find a provider you like and are comfortable with, make sure to discuss your goals with them. Botox can only do so much, so you may need to discuss using other fillers or other treatments to get the look that you want.

It may also take several treatments to get to the point that you want, which a good provider should explain to you. Knowing your end goal is important if you want to achieve it!

4. You have realistic expectations about what Botox can and can’t do

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Botox is incredible, but it does have its limitations. You need to understand this and have realistic expectations about what it can and can’t do before you have any injections.

Botox is most effective on wrinkles that haven’t quite set in yet. If you have more moderate or severe wrinkles, Botox may not be the right way to treat them.

This is why you need to have a conversation with your doctor about what you want to achieve before having any Botox.

5. Your forehead furrows and gives you frown lines

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How many times have you looked at a picture taken of you and you don’t look happy, even though you know you were at the time? If you have frown lines or your forehead furrows, it can give you that look of a permanent scowl even if you aren’t upset!

Botox is perfect for these annoying lines! As long as these wrinkles are dynamic, Botox can easily eliminate them!

Dynamic wrinkles appear when you move your face. In this case, they’ll appear when you furrow your brows.

6. You look a lot older than you actually are

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If you’re in your thirties and people always assume you’re in your forties, it’s time to talk Botox. There was a time when looking a little older was a good thing.

That might have been in your twenties when bartenders stopped carding you at bars. But now, in your thirties, there is no way you want people thinking you’re older than you are!

You’d rather people think you are exactly the age you are! If you just need a little refresher, starting a Botox regimen is a great way to get back to yourself!

After all, if you don’t like who you see in the mirror, why not do something about it? One thing that’s fantastic about Botox is it’s temporary.

If for some reason you get it and you’re not crazy about how you look with it, you don’t have to get it again. But most people that get Botox are pretty hooked on it, since they finally feel comfortable in their own skin again!

7. You used to smoke and now you have smoker’s lines

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There’s just about nothing worse than quitting smoking and then being stuck with stubborn smoker’s lines. These are vertical lines that appear above your mouth.

You can thank the appearance of these to the years spent puckering your lips whenever you smoked a cigarette. As if smoking wasn’t bad enough, you’re left with lines that only seem to deepen as time goes on.

Luckily, Botox is quite effective at reducing muscle contractions around the mouth, which cause these deep and frustrating lines that your unfortunate habit left behind.

If you’re still not sure if Botox is right for you or not, why not learn more about it? Schedule an appointment at Sugiki Portis Yim Eye Center in Honolulu, HI, and find out if Botox or another cosmetic service may be what you need to rejuvenate yourself!

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