Why You Should Consider LASIK if You’re An Athlete

LASIK is for all kinds of people. No matter what you do for a living or what you’re passionate about, getting LASIK can help you do everything better.

LASIK will let you see without needing glasses or contacts so that you can view the world through your own eyes. Getting LASIK particularly benefits people in certain occupations.

Airline pilots, actors, and firefighters enjoy the visual freedom LASIK provides. These physical jobs are easier to perform without the distractions that visual aids create.

One of the most intense physical jobs you can have is being an athlete. Whether you play a sport professionally or as a hobby, getting LASIK can change the way you play sports for the better. 

Keep reading to learn how LASIK can enhance your athletic performance and makes sports easier to play.

Improve Your Game

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When you can see better, you can be better at almost anything, including sports. No matter what sport you play, seeing without glasses or contacts can help you step up your game.

LASIK can even help you see better than you could with glasses or contacts. Statistics show that athletes from all kinds of different sports perform better than they did before LASIK.

 LASIK is clear natural vision, so it is better than glasses or contact lenses. Good eyesight with visual aids is only mimicking what LASIK provides.

Also, athletes who have gotten have better reaction times because it can improve depth perception. Depth perception is vital for any sport where you have to catch or hit a ball or avoid an opponent at the exact right time.

Unfortunately, your depth perception is slightly skewed when you have to see through a contact lens or glasses. It isn’t something that most people notice, but even the slightest mistake can affect your game when you have to react quickly.

But with LASIK, you won’t have anything skewing your depth perception. With better depth perception and better reaction times, you can play better without working any harder!

Widen Your Vision

LASIK can give you a wider field of vision. If you rely on contacts or glasses, you may not notice that you have a limited visual field.

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LASIK creates a more natural field of vision compared to glasses or contacts. The lenses in visual aids have an optical center that is clear and undistorted, like natural vision.

But when you look outside the optical center in your periphery, you look through a slightly distorted lens. The slight distortion created by glasses and contacts alters what you see and limits your wholly accurate field of vision to the optical center.

After LASIK, though, you’ll be able to see so much more. Not only will you have a broader range of undistorted vision, but you’ll also be able to see better.

After getting LASIK, patients can see contrast better. That means you can spot the ball or an opposing player from farther away or out of the corner of your eye. And with improved contrast detection comes better reaction times, meaning you can catch the ball or block the other team at the last second!

LASIK can expand your field of view and your career prospects. Being able to see better means playing better, and playing better means getting further in your career.

Even if you’re a top athlete, LASIK can give you that edge you need to beat the competition. Top athletes like Lebron James and Tiger Woods have had LASIK and improved because of it. If the best professional athletes in the world can benefit from LASIK, so can you! 

Eliminate Unnecessary Stressors

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Playing in a game is stressful enough as it is. When you rely on contacts while you’re playing, it can be even more stressful.

Contacts can dry out, irritate your eyes, and get dirt or dust stuck under them. Not only can all that be uncomfortable, but it can be distracting and throw you off your game.

But glasses are worse when it comes to any intense sports action. They don’t fit right under helmets, and they break way too easily to wear in any serious game. Plus, they fog up and can slip right off your nose when you’re too sweaty!

Then there’s all the time you waste changing your contacts before and after practice or games. It’s just another thing you have to worry about that isn’t your athletic performance.

But with LASIK, you can cut all that unnecessary time and energy. That way, you can focus solely on the practice or game ahead of you and spend more time and energy getting in the zone.

Say goodbye to losing your contacts out on the field or frantically searching for your glasses in the locker room. No more contending with sweat, dust, and dirt getting under your lenses and irritating your eyes. You can spend less time getting distracted and more time playing the game!

LASIK Has a Quick Recovery

LASIK recovery is faster than recovery from most other medical procedures. Most people can go back to work within a day or two of having the procedure.

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While it takes a few months for your eyes to heal fully, even athletes can get back to work after a couple of weeks. If you play a contact sport, your doctor may recommend holding off on practicing or playing for a month.

But in that time, you can still exercise to stay in shape. LASIK is ideal for the off-season, though. You can stay fit by maintaining a low-key off-season training regiment while your body heals itself.

Then when the season comes around again, you’ll be ready to perform better than you ever have before with your new and improved vision!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a world-class professional athlete or a weekend warrior. If you’re looking for an extra edge over your competition, LASIK can provide the boost in performance you’re looking for.

Schedule a LASIK consultation at Sugiki-Portis-Yim Eye Center in Honolulu, HI, to see if LASIK will take your game to the next level.

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