Why You Should Schedule a Relaxing Staycation in Honolulu After LASIK

Getting LASIK is a big decision, and it will probably change your life. Imagine being able to see without ever having to worry about contacts or glasses again!

LASIK can correct your vision, giving you visual freedom and a whole new way to explore the world. If you’re in Honolulu and thinking about getting LASIK, you don’t have to go anywhere to experience the best your new vision has to offer.

After getting LASIK, treat yourself to a classic staycation at one of the most beautiful places in the world. LASIK will enhance everything you do during your staycation and for the rest of your life.

Keep reading to learn about a few things that are great to do in Honolulu after LASIK.

Set Up a Beach Picnic on Magic Island Lagoon

Anything with the name Magic Island is going to be beautiful, especially when you’re relaxing after having LASIK. LASIK recovery is quick and straightforward compared to most minor elective procedures. So you don’t have to worry about a long, uncomfortable recovery.

Magic Island Lagoon

But it is nice to have a few days to relax after the procedure. Having a tranquil picnic on this beautiful beach will make you feel like you’ve stepped into paradise!

Immediately after LASIK, you won’t be able to go into the water quite yet. But your eye doctor will let you know when it’s safe to go swimming again. Most people can get back in the water usually about a month after having LASIK.

For now, you can take in the atmosphere and enjoy your improved vision. And you can keep enjoying your new eyesight as it continues to improve over the weeks and months following LASIK!

Find Your Favorite Dumplings in Chinatown

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Leave the car at home and walk around Honolulu’s historic Chinatown! The sights, smells, and tastes are sure to be incredible, especially since this will be your first time seeing Chinatown through your own eyes!

And, there’s nothing like finding a new favorite place for dumplings, noodles, or buns. After LASIK, the world around you will look sharper and clearer than ever before. That’s no accident.

After all, most patients end up with near-perfect eyesight! When you can see better, it enhances all your senses.

LASIK patients report that colors even seem brighter after surgery. An extra vibrant, tasty-looking dumpling is sure to smell and taste better. As all good chefs know, you eat with your eyes first!

Go Stargazing at Diamond Head State Monument

Want to see the wonders of Hawaii stretched out before you? Stargazing on a dormant volcano, like Diamond Head State Monument, is the way to do it!

Because LASIK recovery is so easy, most people can go back to work a day after the procedure. But why not take that time to enjoy yourself and stare at the stars?

Even if you don’t take a lot of time off work, you can still get out to this perfect location to test your new vision. Your sight will be perfectly suited to enjoy seeing the bright stars lighting up the evening sky. You’ll have true visual freedom and no limits holding you back!

Finally Take the Plunge and Go Skydiving on the North Shore

One of the things that people love about getting LASIK to correct their vision is how free it makes them feel. If you really want to feel free, why not go skydiving?

cat skydiving GIF

The North Shore is one of the most beautiful places in the world to do it. To go skydiving, you should wait until your eyes have fully recovered.

But it will be worth it when you experience the thrill of viewing the world from above. Skydiving and LASIK are both ways to see the world as you’ve never seen it before, so why not combine them?

Take a Day Trip to The Beautiful Honolulu West Coast

You may love Honolulu, but don’t forget to give the stunning West Coast some love as well! With crystal clear vision, why wouldn’t you hop in your car and take a day trip over to the West Coast?

Check out Kaena Point State Beach, go hiking, and find the places that speak to your soul. With LASIK, glasses or contacts are no longer holding you back.

You can go out and enjoy your new vision right away while knowing you have years and years of perfect eyesight ahead. LASIK is permanent, so your brand-new vision will last!

How Can You Pay for LASIK?

Are you worried about the cost of LASIK? It can be an expensive procedure because it is elective, and insurance companies do not cover it.

LASIK costs depend on your eye prescription, the equipment used during your procedure, and your surgeon’s experience. But the price should not stand in the way of you getting LASIK and experiencing all the fantastic sights and activities Honolulu has to offer.

We offer the CareCredit card to help you improve your vision immediately. CareCredit allows you to get LASIK now and pay for it in small monthly payments that fit into any budget.

There are zero-interest plans and extended payment plans available to help you achieve visual freedom now!

Not only that, but LASIK will save you money in the long run since you won’t have to buy contacts and glasses. LASIK usually pays for itself within a few years based on the money you save from no longer needing these visual aids.

Are you wondering if LASIK is suitable for you? If you’re in your mid to late twenties or thirties, in good health, and have a stable prescription, you could be a great LASIK candidate!

Schedule a consultation at Sugiki-Portis-Yim Eye Center in Honolulu, HI today! Come learn more about LASIK and find out if you are a candidate for this procedure.

See how easy it could be to open your life up to a whole new world of possibilities!

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