6 Ways You Can Enjoy Honolulu After LASIK

Are you tired of the frustrations of glasses and contact lenses? Do you dream of crisp, pristine vision? 

It might be time to consider something better. What about something like having LASIK? LASIK is by far the most popular vision correction procedure you can undergo.

LASIK is not only popular, but it works. The procedure can give you total freedom from glasses and contact lenses. 

It’s low-risk, with high success rates and millions of satisfied patients. So, if you’ve been considering LASIK for a while, don’t wait any longer! 

Come to Sugiki Portis Yim Eye Center for your commitment-free LASIK consultation. Most patients are excellent LASIK candidates, but the only way to find out if you are is to schedule a LASIK consultation.

After having LASIK, you’ll be able to enjoy your home in Honolulu like never before! Keep reading to find out about 6 ways you can enjoy Honolulu after LASIK and see with vision works for you!

1. Sample Cheeses at Naked Cow Dairy Farm and Creamery

There’s nothing quite like well-made cheese! Stop by Naked Cow Dairy Farm and Creamery to try some artisanal, locally made cheeses and other delicious dairy products. After having LASIK, you’ll find that all your senses are enhanced. 

They say you eat with your eyes first, and it’s true! You may discover that fine cheeses and other rich foods taste much better when you see every detail.

Cheese is a true crowd-pleaser, and so is LASIK. Is it any wonder that LASIK is both the most popular vision correction procedure and elective procedure you can undergo?

It should also come as no surprise that there’s no shortage of happy and satisfied patients who have had LASIK. Almost anyone can undergo this vision correction procedure, including celebrities like Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, or Kylie Jenner. 

The best part? You don’t have to be famous to have it. Once you have LASIK, it’ll change how you look at life and experience everything. LASIK is well-loved, too, with a 96% patient satisfaction rate. With numbers like that, it’s no wonder LASIK is so popular.

2. Have a Picnic at White Plains Beach

Going to the beach in Honolulu can be challenging if you don’t want to be surrounded by tourists. But the lesser-known White Plains Beach is the perfect place to get away from tourists and relax near the water. 

Bring a picnic and have a lovely afternoon with your friends and family! After LASIK, you no longer have to worry about getting sand and salt water stuck under your contact lenses or losing your glasses in the waves.

LASIK means visual freedom from glasses and contact lenses. What’s not to love about better vision without inhibitions?

Beach days are so much better when you can enjoy them fully. Without glasses or contact lenses, let your hair down, relax, and take a minute to yourself. You don’t have to think about how you’ll see because LASIK lets you take in everything without a care.

Recovery from LASIK is also incredibly fast. Rather than think about spending time recovering, you can get back to the things you love after a short time. 

You’ll have to avoid swimming and bodies of water for a few weeks, but it’s a small price to pay for better vision. After LASIK, you’ll return to the beach and do what you love with clearer vision! 

3. Go Fishing at Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden

You can see the sights at Hoomaluhia Botanical Gardens with a walking tour or use the garden’s free bamboo fishing poles. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or want to try out a new hobby, these botanical gardens are the place to go for casual fishing.

After LASIK surgery, your vision will be better than it was even when you wore contact lenses and glasses! That sounds unbelievable, but it’s true! 

It’s possible because LASIK corrects your vision beyond your original prescription. How else do you think so many patients achieve 20/20 vision or better with the procedure?

After LASIK, these gardens are the perfect place to try out your improved vision, as all the colors will look brighter and more vibrant. You’ll even have a better eye for fishing, as you’ll also have better depth perception!

4. Take a Tour at Manulele Distillers 

Any fan of rum must take a tour at Manulele Distillers. This quality rum distillery offers tours and tastings, so you can see how everything is made before you sample some of the best rum you’ve ever tried! 

Once you have LASIK, your enhanced senses will help you appreciate complex flavors. Age is a necessary factor when you’re getting LASIK, as well as enjoying a rum tasting. 

Although you technically can be 18 or older, being 18 doesn’t guarantee you’ll qualify for LASIK. Suitable LASIK candidates need a stable prescription that’s remained unchanged for a year or more. 

If your eyes are still changing, you must wait before having LASIK. However, about 85% of potential LASIK candidates will qualify for the procedure, so there’s a good chance that could be you.

5. Learn How to Hang Glide 

Getting LASIK can enable you to do more without being held back by visual aids. You can be more adventurous and spontaneous, so why not try hang gliding? 

Paradise Air Hang Gliding is the perfect place for your first hang-gliding experience. Without worrying about your glasses flying away or the wind drying out your contact lenses, you can enjoy this incredible new experience and maybe discover your favorite hobby! 

6. Challenge Yourself With A Paddleboard Yoga Class

Have you ever tried to do yoga on a paddleboard? It isn’t easy, but you can challenge yourself with this unique experience after LASIK. With total freedom from glasses and contact lenses and better vision than ever, you’ll be able to achieve the focus you need to maintain balance when taking a paddleboard yoga class right here in Honolulu!

Want to learn more about our LASIK surgeons in Honolulu? Request your LASIK consultation at Sugiki Portis Yim Eye Center in Honolulu, HI, now! It’s time for better vision…are you ready?

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