What is Tonometry?

Scheduling eye exams regularly is an integral part of keeping your eyes healthy. A comprehensive eye exam does much more than update your prescription.  It also checks your eyes for any signs of eye conditions. Eye conditions are especially prevalent in adults over 40, as the most common eye conditions are age-related.  One of the… Read More

6 Ways You Can Enjoy Honolulu After LASIK

Are you tired of the frustrations of glasses and contact lenses? Do you dream of crisp, pristine vision?  It might be time to consider something better. What about something like having LASIK? LASIK is by far the most popular vision correction procedure you can undergo. LASIK is not only popular, but it works. The procedure… Read More

What is Latisse and How Do You Use It?

Do you hate mascara? Do you wish you could roll out of bed already looking good? With cosmetic treatments like Latisse, you can put down the mascara and embrace your inner beauty! Latisse is a cosmetic treatment prescribed to patients looking to achieve the appearance of fuller, darker lashes.  It’s also the first treatment that’s… Read More

The Visual Journey of LASIK and Why it’s Worth it

Many people who wear glasses or contact lenses have considered getting LASIK but need help figuring out where to start. Some of them may also be apprehensive about undergoing an elective eye procedure.  If you fall into either of these camps, you should know that LASIK is a highly effective, low-risk procedure. Over 95% of… Read More

What Types of Contact Lenses are Available?

If you have a refractive error and rely on glasses to see, you may have considered getting contact lenses. There are many different contact lenses, although soft contact lenses are recommended to most people with healthy eyes.  But there are different types of contact lenses for individuals who may need more vision correction than soft… Read More

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