How Do You Know Which Premium Lens to Choose?

When you get cataract surgery, you’re already choosing to see better. By having your cataracts removed, you can fully regain any vision that you’ve lost due to having cataracts.  But because you need to have your natural lens removed to remove the cataract that’s formed inside it, there’s also another choice you have to make…. Read More

What is it About LASIK that Makes it So Popular?

LASIK has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s long been a highly sought-after elective procedure, especially for various athletes and celebrities. But now, LASIK is accessible to almost anyone who wants it. There are a lot of people who want it! So what makes it not only desirable but also a sound financial decision?… Read More

Celebrate the Hawaiian Way with LASIK

What’s the best way to spend the holidays in a tropical climate? There may not be snow, but there’s still plenty to do every holiday season in Hawaii. When you live in paradise, seasonal cheer is one of the few things that can make it even better. But you know another way to make life… Read More

Want to Enjoy an Active Lifestyle After Cataract Surgery? The Trifocal Lens May Be Right For You!

Do you have cataracts? If you do, then you know that having them can impact every area of your life. They can make it harder to work and do chores, which can be a hassle. But they can also make it tough to enjoy your favorite recreational activities, especially if you’re active. One of the… Read More

Did You Know You Can Have A Safer Halloween When You Have LASIK?

LASIK vision correction can change your life. By eliminating the need for glasses or contacts, it can give you complete visual freedom. If you’ve struggled with uncomfortable contact lenses and cumbersome glasses for years, it’s time to consider a change. And what better time to make that change than this spooky season?  Halloween is one… Read More

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